ROYD Culture | Returning to normal

As the world returns to normal, ROYD’s Culture Club has been cooking up a way to commemorate the team’s progress over the last couple of years. ROYD looks a lot different now from where it was before, our team, goals and scope have all grown.

Every company is made up of individuals, ROYD understands this as well as any other. After ROYD’s founding in 2010, ROYD operated as a one man show before bringing aboard its first employee in early 2012. By the time the pandemic hit in 2020, ROYD was about to hit the 20-employee milestone. Now, less than three years after that, ROYD now employs over forty people. During the last couple of years, ROYD celebrated the opening of the new Braintree Distribution Center and significantly expanded our operations team.

Therefore, with the trials of 2020 in the rearview mirror, the whole team could finally get together. The management team alongside our Culture Club arranged for a day in which ROYD could close doors for the day and celebrate. The morning consisted of conferences delivered by the department heads and a brief history of the company for ROYD.  After that came a welcome afternoon of pizza and team building. This was a great opportunity for those within the business to cross paths with those they ordinarily wouldn’t. This was especially true for the ROYD National Sales team, for whom, this was a perfect opportunity to touch base.


This was an opportunity to celebrate our longest-serving team members who worked tirelessly throughout ROYD’s greatest period of growth. Therefore, ROYD is introducing long service awards for those who have stuck by the company.


  • Bruce Webberly
  • Roger Murphy


  • Matthew Remmington
  • Estelle Reeves
  • Corbin Murphy
  • Melanie Myatt
  • Robert O’Prey
  • Junior Murphy


  • Bob Chapman
  • Laura Jones
  • Christine Snazel
  • Dylon Bennet
  • Gareth Frimley
  • Mahmoud Asaad
  • Norman Shimwell
  • Robert Mallory

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