ROYD Insight | Q3 Newsletter 2022

As another quarter comes to a close, it’s time to reflect and share the latest news at ROYD. Let’s take a look!

We are thrilled to continue expanding our team and introduce four new members to the team. Joining the team is Jill Plume who will be setting up the new Telesales department. Also joining the Telesales department is Brodie Murphy, the latest family member to join! The latest addition to the Marketing Department is Philip Cattley, joining as a Marketing Assistant. Finally, Liam Johnson joins as our new Warehouse Manager, bringing great experience to our warehouse and operations team.

In addition, we have some very exciting marketing developments lined up, including brand new SMART and TRACER video series. Plus, the return of the well-respected 101 Uses of a Multi-Tool series. Stay tuned to learn more!

Finally, we are pleased to release our latest measuring tool to the TRACER range – the ProMitre Angle Tool. This 3D tool is built with two faces which provides a large array of integrated measuring and marking features useful for every tradesperson. This tool is designed to easily take measurements and transfer them onto beams, pipes, and three-dimensional workpieces.

Read the full insight Q3 newsletter to learn more!

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