Making an impact – International Hardware Fair 2022

The team at ROYD UK were excited to get the chance to represent  SMART, TRACER, and Optimaxx at the International Trade Fair 2022 (Eisenwarenmesse). The show made its long-awaited return after a several-year absence following the COVID-19 Pandemic which had disrupted so much over the past few years. Hosted in Cologne, the fair took place between the 25th – 28th of September and served as an excellent opportunity for 2000 suppliers to showcase their services. Shows from prior years had set an impressive precedent, seeing over 47,000 attendees coming from 143 countries.

With so many potential international partners in attendance, we put our best foot forward by investing in the largest trade show stand we had ever done. The 95-square-metre stand represented the combined hard work of a variety of departments at ROYD. Each had gone the extra mile to make sure that we had a quality showing that will set us apart from the competition. 

The fair allowed us to connect with new partners on a massive scale and our sales team worked doubly hard to have as many consultations as possible. Plus, with all three brands being spotlighted at the event, we wanted to offer a taste of what attendees could expect from SMART, TRACER, and Optimaxx. For example, a major talking point for us was the production of our Made in Britain Starlock Blades. This is an overhaul in some of our key operations that allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. As for TRACER, we looked onward to new international markets and Cologne was a massive launching off point for this. We celebrated TRACER’s success and continued growth, with the TRACER Mini Marker being the latest addition to the product range. Finally, Optimaxx, which is a huge rising star for us at ROYD, was given a brilliant international showing. Its dramatic growth in the UK wood screw market will be a huge focus as we look to the future and evaluate where to take things next.

A particular priority for ROYD was to promote our “Zero100” Sustainability campaign. The initiative will eliminate single-use plastics from our packaging and wider supply chain by 2023. This is a key component of our continued drive towards a more environmentally focused future for ROYD. The ultimate goal is to hit complete carbon neutrality by 2025.

For those who headed to the show, we would like to extend a huge thank you for helping us and the other standees make the event something special. We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to so many customers and clients.


Take a look below at just some of the photos we took at the event.

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