ROYD are ‘leading the market through innovation’.

Focusing on one market at a time and aiming to be the best in the world at it. Driven by innovation, team spirit, and a passion to provide the ultimate solution for our customers; we’re committed to excellent customer service and distributor support.

The ROYD brands consist of TRACER professional construction markers, SMART multi-tool accessories and Optimaxx extreme performance wood screws.

We are very pleased to have partnered with Citation Ltd and QMS International Ltd, for all our HR & Employment law, H&S, Environmental and Quality control.

This ensures all products, processes and people are working to a globally recognised standard, and our distributors can be sure of market leading products and a guaranteed high level of service.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have also been instrumental in continually improving assured product quality and supply, as well as driving improvements towards our environmental targets.

We are also a Sedex member and committed to sourcing responsibly and having an ethical and sustainable supply chain. Using Sedex tools and services helps our business work with our suppliers to ensure they are upholding safe, ethical and sustainable business practices, helping us to protect the working conditions for people working in our supply chain. As a Sedex member, we are able to map our supply chain, identify higher risk suppliers and request them to have a social ethical audit. We can then work with our suppliers to improve their business practices to create safe working conditions in regions that we source.

Here at ROYD we look to do the very best for our staff and employees by nurturing and fostering our No Blame Culture. 

This is only achievable by all staff working with Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability; supporting each other and working together in a positive and progressive manner to look for solutions and opportunities, no matter what the challenge.

This attitude and culture will bring out the best in our people and help us to provide the ultimate solution for our customers as we continue to grow and develop, leading and dominating any market we turn our focus to, through innovation and teamwork.

With locations in the UK, USA and Europe, ROYD is growing to be a global provider of innovative construction solutions.

We may have started in the UK but our vision always extended beyond it. While our UK Headquarters remains in Chelmsford in the UK, we established our ROYD US base of operations in 2023 with an office and distribution centre in Michigan. Our EU Headquarters is based out of the Netherlands and distributes to countries all around Europe.


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