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The Culture Team

ROYD has a dedicated culture team that is made up of people from several different departments. Our culture team was started by Dylon Bennet to operate completely independently from ROYD’s management team, ensuring excellent employee engagement and support. 

Christine Snazel
Liam Johnson
Georgia Rust
Junior Murphy
Cheryl Delaney

Events and Engagement

Through events, charity, and rewards, the Culture Team has introduced a variety of different ways in which the colleagues at ROYD can come together.

Employee Bonuses and Rewards

ROYD allocates our employees of the month, quarter and year based on colleague recommendations; employees get a spin of the ‘Culture Wheel’ and get the chance to win brilliant prizes.

Fundraising for Charity

ROYD and the team always look to make a positive difference in the community. We are proud supporters of Children in Need, Macmillan, East Anglia Air Ambulance and more.


The team has come together to give back to the community when and where possible, we have organised volunteering days at hospices and organised litter picking events.

Activity Days, Summer Events and Social Meetups

At key events and milestones, the team organises activities and meetups to foster a greater team spirit. Past events have included games of football, darts, and go-karting. Regular social gatherings and an out of hours group chat keep the team connected.

Themed office events including Halloween and Christmas Jumper Days

No one day should be like another. As well as birthdays and work anniversaries, the team celebrates national holidays, festivals, and events with decorations and delicious food spreads.

Responding to Feedback

A suggestion box is available to all, the Culture Team encourages an open forum to discuss workplace culture and problems. 

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