ROYD Insight | Q3 Newsletter 2024

In the latest edition of the ROYD Insight Newsletter, find out about what may be TRACER’s biggest landmark release to date. What makes this so special is the TRACER Pro Series, a new range that represents a step up in terms of build quality and durability. The newsletter contains a full overview of what the Pro Series is as well as comprehensive product breakdowns for each of the new products coming out. In addition to the Pro Series, we are also slipping in a brand new tool to add to the arsenal. 

It’s not just about new products though, we have various updates from around the company including both upcoming projects and things you may have missed. Our social media team has been hard at work on a new set of product showcases for our LinkedIn pages. The team are also offering a shoutout to one of our most popular influencer partners who recently had a video go viral.

The team hosted another two product feedback panels with our ROYD Experts, a diverse selection of tradespeople from different experience levels. Read below to find out the kind of things the groups went through and how vital this research is to ROYD’s continued growth.

We have a new team member joining our Marketing Team. Back in May, Joy Williams brought his wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the ROYD team as our new Videographer. 

Furthermore,we have a short piece detailing the things we along with others in the industry can do to help each other achieve net zero. The piece outlines simple things such as order quantities, encouraging customers to use reusable storage instead of just throwaway packaging. Plus, they can implement buyback scheme and other ventures to help change customer behaviour.

Read all about this and more in the latest edition of the ROYD Insight Newsletter.

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