ROYD Insight | Q2 Newsletter 2024

As 2024 rolls into the second quarter, we are rolling out the latest edition of the ROYD Insight Newsletter. Find out what the team has been up to, including our trip to the Eisenwarenmesse International Trade Fair where both our SMART and TRACER Brands were represented. Further, we have a brand new catalogue to browse that have already hit the ROYD website, it is brimming with both new and existing products to check out.

Speaking of new products, we have lots of unmissable announcements in this edition of the ROYD Insight. Starting with the largest expansion to the TRACER range since the brand launched back in 2018. This launch features an array of square tools of different sizes and scales to provide a variety of solutions to all kinds of roofing problems. Not only this, we also are introducing a new marker to TRACER’s already impressive range in the form of the TRACER Long Nib Marker. Finally, we have  a brand new gadget in the range, the TRACER Laser Measure. Find out all you need to know from the full breakdown in this quarter’s edition.

Optimaxx and SMART are not going to be left out however, due to popular demand, we are introducing new twin pack versions of the Optimaxx Maxx Impact Bits. Plus, we have had two new multi-tool blades hitting the SMART Trade Series. The SMART Drywall Blade and Fabric Cutting Blades are two heavily requested multi-tool attachments we were more than happy to provide.

Don’t miss out on any of our other features in this edition. We have a unique behind the scenes look at the SMART Made in Britain range and all of the effort that went into it.In other news, our marketing team has been hard at work revamping the TRACER Website. We were eager that the site was equipped to handle the demand of all the upcoming additions.

Check out all this and more by having a look at the publication below.

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