ROYD Insight | Q1 Newsletter 2024

What better way to kick off 2024 than by taking a look at the latest edition of the ROYD Insight Newsletter? As we at ROYD gear up for another exciting year, we have plenty to reflect upon from the final quarter of 2023.

We look back upon all the fundraising we achieved in 2023 for causes such as the Poppy Appeal and Macmillan Cancer Support as well as some of the highlights from Q4 of the year. For example, our marketing team has a new Influencer highlight as well as a special look at our To The Maxx series. This is an exciting video series featuring YouTuber, Tom Cardy, who is a BMX expert and creates his own DIY stunt ramps made possible by Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws.

The TRACER Range expanded considerably throughout the course of 2023, with the release of the TRACER Contour Gauge and our Carpenter Pencil set. We were unwilling to let TRACER end the year on a quiet note, which is why we introduced two new TRACER Replacement Lead Sets for the TRACER Deep Hole Construction Pencil. TRACER has also made considerable inroads into the US market and hit a new benchmark following being featured at the STAFDA Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas.

We are also highlighting a brand new TRACER Display unit which will be coming up during 2024. This will be the first way for TRACER users to buy TRACER Deep Hole Construction Pencils in a grab and go style.

Finally, check out our featurettes about our new and improved packaging which falls in line with ROYD’s Zero100 scheme, our plan to achieve a grand total of zero single-use plastics in our entire supply chain.

Read all about it and more in this quarter’s edition of the ROYD Insight Newsletter, check below to see the full publication.

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