What is the latest addition to the Optimaxx range?

Optimaxx Compact Case

Calling all builders merchants! Do you currently stock the Optimaxx range? Or perhaps you’re looking to add to your wood screw collection? We’ve got the show stopping range of Optimaxx wood screws which all tradespeople are talking about and best of all, we’ve added a new addition to the range.

What are Optimaxx wood screws?


Optimaxx is a brand leading by example in the wood screw market who have taken wood screw technology to a whole new level. By incorporating all the best features that have been developed over many decades, Optimaxx is recognised as the highest performing range of wood screws in the market.

Optimaxx Wood Screws

What are the key features of Optimaxx wood screws?


  • Consistent self-drill slash point pulls you in smoothly and quickly whilst pulling out the material from the hole
  • Razor-sharp point gives an immediate start in even the hardest surfaces
  • Sharp saw-tooth formation enables a fast penetration without a pilot hole
  • Double reinforces collar strengthens underside of the head
  • Wide, deep pozi recess dramatically reduces cam-out
  • Unique 24 groove design self-countersinks into all materials
  • Sharp, wide, deep thread formation for fast continuous insertion

What is the latest addition to the range?


The Optimaxx Compact Case is the latest addition to the Optimaxx range. This case is robust and compact, providing an all-round convenient solution to your wood screw storage. Featuring seven removable and reconfigurable compartments of three sizes, the Compact Case offers convenient storage of a wide range of screw sizes.

Optimaxx Compact Case

The Compact Case is preconfigured with 1000 screws with seven popular Optimaxx wood screw sizes. This case includes:

  • 220 3.5mm x 16mm
  • 220 3.5mm x 20mm
  • 160 4.0mm x 25mm
  • 120 4.0mm x 30mm
  • 150 4.0mm x 40mm
  • 80 5.0mm x 50mm
  • 50 5.0mm x 70mm

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