TRACER present new markers to their range

TRACER Paint Marker

Professional construction marker brand ‘TRACER’ present their new range of markers.

Specialising in innovative, versatile and durable construction markers, TRACER announce the release of a number of new professional construction markers to their growing collection.

Designed specifically for the construction industry, TRACER have developed award-winning products to offer the perfect mark for all trade professionals. Now under the same ethos, TRACER have introduced new ranges of markers to ultimately provide tradespeople with the best marking solutions for every job.

The latest TRACER products consist of three new markers including the Heavy-Duty Permanent Marker, a range of different colour Fine Point Permanent Markers and an Acrylic Tip Paint Marker.

The Heavy-Duty Permanent Marker is an aluminium bodied 1-3mm bullet point marker designed for general construction marking. With a tough metal barrel and durable polyester tip, the Heavy Duty Marker is a reliable tool for construction environments. The marker is available in black only and is suitable on most materials, including metal, plastic, wood and ceramics.

The TRACER Fine Point Permanent Marker is another addition to the range. Similar to the Heavy Duty Marker, these 1-2mm bullet point markers are durable and xylene and toluene free. Xylene and toluene are highly flammable and mildly toxic chemicals commonly used in marker pens, glued and paint thinner. Our Xylene and toluene free markers mean they are safe for both indoor and outdoor use for long periods of time. Plus, it’s quick drying ink makes it suitable for a wide range of construction scenarios. Available in black, blue and red these markers are suitable on metal, plastic, wood and ceramics.

Finally, the TRACER Paint Marker is the next addition to the range. These are a 1-3mm bullet point marker that includes a tough metal barrel with a unique valve action ink mechanism. Available in yellow and white, these are designed for high visibility marking on all surfaces, including glass and porcelain as well as general purpose construction marking.

All TRACER markers are individually blister packed for maximum point of sale and effectiveness. They are very well presented in shelf ready displays of ten blister packs per unit. Further to this, the Black Fine Point Marker is also available in a display of 48 individual pens, which is an excellent option for your counter sales.

All three of these TRACER markers are available from April with a widespread campaign supporting the release. Interested in becoming a distributor? Simply head over to to submit our ‘Become a Distributor’ form and a member of our friendly and professional team will be in contact.

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