The ROYD Experts

Here at ROYD, no opinion matters more than that of our end users. Since our foundation, we have prided ourselves on leading the market through innovation and providing the very best solution for our customers. We aim to reflect this ethos in everything we do through all three of our brands. For that reason, we wanted to improve our design process and have a full in-person discourse with industry professionals.

As a result, ROYD has proudly established a trade-orientated focus group which we have dubbed, the ROYD Experts. The group consists of a diverse range of professionals from various trades whom all bring their own unique perspectives on how we could improve. These ROYD Experts will play a vital role in providing valuable feedback on existing and upcoming innovations that ROYD is developing.

We gave these experts the opportunity to test and experience our products firsthand. The ROYD Experts confidently lend their seal of approval, guaranteeing that ROYD’s products are trade-approved and of the highest quality.

We’re thrilled to have such a talented and knowledgeable team helping us shape the future of our products.

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