ROYD Insights | Q2 2020

ROYD Q2 Insight Newsletter

The past 3 months has been an interesting time for ROYD Tool Group and with so much going on, they seemed to have gone by in a flash. As we step into the new quarter, we want to share our highlights and update you on what’s been happening.

This month we announced the exciting TRACER brand which has taken over the place of ACER. The TRACER range will continue to include the same great products that we currently offer but with a number of improvements. Along with some exciting website redesigns and information on our latest product innovations you don’t want to miss out on.  

We are also pleased to welcome our newest addition to the team, Ben Hawkins. Coming on board as our Industrial Design Engineer, Ben will be taking a lead role in our Research & Development team. Ben has an exceptional understanding and ability within product design, specification and sourcing and will be bringing a lot of our design and prototyping in-house to speed up and increase the number of market leading innovations we are able to produce.

Read our full Insight Q2 2020 Newsletter below to learn more about our latest news and updates.

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