ROYD Insight | Q2 Newsletter 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has been huge for ROYD and many of our customers. As we continue work on some major projects, explore everything that has been happening with the team here at ROYD. Here is a brief taste of what you can expect in the Q2 ROYD Insight Newsletter 2023 and the full issue is down below.

In the past, we have gone into detail about the lengths we are going to in order to fulfil our Zero100 Campaign. Here we are pleased to announce a new benchmark on our path to Zero100 with 100% recyclable SMART packaging going into production.

This quarter gone has seen some huge developments for our marketing team. We have hit some massive milestones through social media. Read to find out about several of our latest top posts. Then, as we look to the future, we have two new Optimaxx video series on the horizon named “Built By” and “To The Maxx”.

Plus, our Marketing Team has received two new acquisitions to the team. Lizzy Tanner has joined the team as ROYD’s new Social Media Marketing Executive and Monika Marcinkeviciene who has joined us Design Team Leader to cover maternity leave.

Furthermore, we give you an in depth look at the history and development of our decking screws. Norman Shimwell, founder of Optimaxx sat down and detailed the complicated process behind the design and some of the challenges which the team needed to overcome. Also, while playing his trade secrets close to his chest, he explains the importance of high quality corrosion protection and the testing process all good decking screws should go through.

Finally, we are giving a brief glimpse of new TRACER products which are coming up in the future which will hit the market in fully recyclable packaging. Find out more below.


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