ROYD embraces the power of ePim

This year, we embraced the power of e-Pim to bring our data management to a new level.  e-Pim is a service, developed by a company called NG15, that allows us to manage, organise and enrich our product data so that we can confidently use and distribute it among our stockists. Alongside the NG15 team, we have worked hard on going through our product portfolio in painstaking detail to make

Why Data Management is so Important

This partnership was natural following the growth of our three brands which each have a growing portfolio of products, each needing to be documented and marketed. Plus, new external initiatives such as the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) are coming into play.  The CCPI seeks to provide assurance that any product information, whether written in a brochure, a presentation, or on a website or social media, is clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous. ROYD want to be part of this change. We have long been of the belief that the betterment of the industry needs to come from market leaders who can then pave the way for others to follow.

Data Channels

For our regular customers and partners, this new system allows us to open channels for others to access the data through API links. This means that our systems have a reliable way of transacting data automatically, streamlining the process of getting our product data from one place to another.


Being a hub of all of our collective data, E-Pim uses this information and can create bespoke data sheets for each one of our brands. Datasheets will contain all product copy with a breakdown of the different features and benefits as well as detailed product, packaging and shipping information. We’re hoping this will be the first step in bringing a brand new way of delivery detailed product information to all of our customers.

Where we are headed next

This system is an ongoing process, as we continue to expand our usage of the e-Pim system and NG15 continues to bring about new and impressive features to the table. 

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