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Back in December, the Culture Team at ROYD embarked on a mission to bring the ROYD team together and get us all more active. It was settled that, with a new year fast approaching, the Culture Team would set themselves and their colleagues the goal of walking the world. Unfortunately, the logistics of doing so literally would have meant a vast disruption in ROYD’s level of service (plus it would get our feet wet). Therefore, we settled on the compromise of splitting into teams and counting our steps equal to that of walking the world.

With 35 ROYD Employees committing themselves to the challenge, the benchmark was set at 20,000,000 steps. This is the approximate amount of steps it would take the team to walk around the entire globe. Each week, the teams would collate our results and we’re pleased to say that by week 15 of the challenge, we hit our goal. Overall, we managed a grand total of 21,339,262 steps.

Below are some testimonials from some of the employees who took part in the challenge.

Cheryl (HR Manager) – “I loved this Team Walking Challenge. Fantastic excuse to get out and about in the fresh air and get those steps in. Definitely made me more conscious to walk more and the competitiveness was fun to witness too!”

Phil (Marketing Assistant) – “As someone who is often at their desk for the majority of the week, this challenge was a big help in being more active day to day. I was surprised how compulsive the whole thing became.”

Now, it is time for the team to keep up the momentum and have both an active and healthy summer. 

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