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On June 14th, the team engaged in our first community support event. ROYD is always looking for new ways to become a socially minded business that gives back to the broader community. This was one of the key reasons that we began our Zero100 campaign to eliminate single-use plastics from out entire supply chain. In line with this, the culture team here at ROYD devised a fitting event for the team to get involved with.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, on average, a whopping two million pieces of litter are dropped by people in the UK every day. 48% of people admit that they themselves have littered. To combat this, the ROYD team donned a high-vis jacket each and engaged in an afternoon of litter picking for any employees ready and willing to help.

On the day, the bold team of litter pickers set off from our base at Saxon House before splitting off into smaller groups and pairs. While picking, the team recovered discarded countless pieces of fast-food packaging from overflowing bins, crisp packets blowing in the wind, and half-finished alcohol bottles from bushes. It is alarming just how much litter there is and how significant individual pieces are when you’re tuned into it and looking for it. Some of the team walked miles on their search for litter and were out past their regular work hours.

This is the first of many such events that the team is looking to get involved in with more community events over the summer. Those that took part were pleased with the progress made and the team filled several black bags with litter. While this is just a small boon to the local area, we hope that both the team and others will start to act a little more conscious of what they do with their litter. 

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