ACER rebrand

ACER has seen a continued growth across the UK and internationally. For this reason, it has become increasingly important to have a more relevant and less conflicting brand name to ensure the smooth and continual growth of the brand. To this end we are pleased to present the new ‘TRACER’ brand which will take the place of ‘ACER’ name. 

TRACER will be officially launching on 6th April 2020 and it’ll be supported by an extensive four-month marketing campaign. This will ensure both existing customers and potential customers are made aware of the transition and what it entails.

What does the tracer range include?

The TRACER range will continue to include the same great products that we currently offer but with a number of improvements. Including the Deep Hole Pencil with an inbuilt sharpener for maximum precision and the replacement 100mm leads. This comes with an improved durable holster that’s designed to protect the leads in the construction environment.

Also included in the range is the Deep Hole Construction Marker with a reversible double tip. This allows for marking thin and thick lines on a range of materials. This includes tiles, timber, metal and plastic and copper pipes. Plus, a new introduction to the range, the all-purpose Clog Free Construction Marker. Available in black, blue and red the TRACER Clog-Free Marker has the ability to mark on almost every surface, including dusty and shiny surfaces.

how do i become a distributor?

The TRACER range is available for pre order now. Simply speak to your account manager for more information. Alternatively, you can submit our form and a member of our friendly and professional team will be in contact.

Want to learn more about the TRACER range? Check out our video below. 

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