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TRACER Holster

The pandemic has imposed many changes to the retail sector and the way people shop. With growing signs of these changes lasting well beyond the easing of lockdowns, it’s important not to miss out on opportunities to increase your sales. Safety is of course paramount. However, there are still ways to give a boost to your sales with point of sale countertop items.

Impulse Buy

As you would know in the normal course of things, by placing products at the point of sale areas, you’re encouraging customers to make impulse buys. Not only does this increase the sales of a particular product, it can increase overall spend too. However, the in-store experience for customers has massively changed due to the social distancing measures. For this reason, customers may spend less time browsing at products they had no intention of buying. Therefore, the perfect time to entice customers is whilst they’re queuing to pay because they’re already committed to making a purchase.

Point of Sale

With that said, we have developed a range of point of sale options for each ROYD brand to help you increase your sales. Including product promotion stickers, window stickers, A3 posters and outdoor vinyl banners.

Plus, we have a range of ROYD counter displays available to ensure our products remain available to your customers. Including the TRACER compact counter display unit containing the Deep Hole Pencil, Double Tipped Marker Pen and 120mm Lead set. Along with our new SMART Blade Set display containing 30 of our excellent 8-piece blade sets. This blade set contains 8 of the most popular cutting blades with a quick release shank to suit almost every multi-tool.

SMART point of sale display stand

We have invested heavily in developing our brands to become well recognised, with products that are self-explanatory and have wide appeal. Using a combination of industry leading counter display units and a popular range of products, our display units are the perfect way to utilise your countertop and point of sale areas.

It’s important to keep counters fresh with new products to achieve successful countertop sales. So, be sure to freshen up your trade counter with ROYD Tool Group brands. Contact us today to learn more about these countertop essentials.


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