Building Better Packaging

Customers of Optimaxx, SMART and TRACER may have begun to see that our packaging is changing. Not too long ago, we shipped the first of our new design of Optimaxx Maxxtubs. While the new design features a range of tangible benefits for our customers, they are also a sample of the wider things happening across ROYD as a company.


In 2021, we kick started our Zero100 Initiative, a drive to eliminate all single use plastic from our supply chain. We are conscious that many pieces of plastic waste, even those that are recyclable, do not end up being recycled. Instead, our packaging adds to the mounting amount of waste which is not biodegradable and pollutes our environment with microplastics. This will significantly cut ROYD’s carbon footprint, and the knock-on effect will be a reduction in the carbon footprint of our customers. This is why the new Maxxtubs, alongside our existing screw boxes, are 100% Recyclable which brings all the packaging in our Optimaxx range in line with the Zero100 Initiative.


We are also making a similar transition with both TRACER and SMART with our new products. Those familiar with our products might have noticed that the latest additions to the TRACER Range have not hit the market packaged in our usual plastic blister packs. As a team, we were acutely aware that even packaging that is fully recylcable often does not make it to the recycling bin, instead ending up on land fills. This further pollutes our planets with micro-plastics. That is why we have transtioned our TRACER away from such packs.


This vital overhaul to our packaging has been a costly operation and has required tremendous effort from each of our departments working in tandem. We hope that this change will encourage other market leaders to implement similar changes.

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