Royd are now pleased to bring to you, our range of ACER marking products… The Tradesman’s Mark! A Deep-hole marking pencil and Deep-Hole, double tipped, Permanent Marking Pen… each being introduced with a very handy Site Holster to ensure ease of use and make sure they are always to hand!


Take a look at our current range and keep your eyes peeled for further products and solutions arriving soon!

The SMART Tool Group UK is a Royd UK company and first started supplying SMART blades in the UK in 2010. Through focus and innovation, we have built the range to not only offer the top performing multi-tool blades on the market, but also, offer the very best all-round solution for our distributors.

Optimaxx is a top quality high performance wood screw that incorporates a number of unique features...

A specifically positioned long thin groove dramatically reduces the pressure build up on insertion by dispensing wood fibres, preventing splitting when screwing close to the edge. Finally a sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads bite into the timber reducing torque and resistance, enabling fast penetration without a pilot hole.

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